About Us

Reaching their potential.
Reaching their potential.

Our Mission

The Lane Education Foundation's goal is to ensure every child in Lane County has opportunities for intellectual growth and success regardless of need, ability, or location.

Our History

The Lane Education Foundation (LEF) was formed in 1998 with the purpose of creating a convenient means for the public to support education throughout Lane County. The Foundation provides a 501(c)3 tax-exemption for donors. At its inception, LEF's primary focus was obtaining support for the Lane Planetarium. When the Lane Planetarium changed hands, the Foundation's primary focus shifted to supporting students in Lane County who are the most marginalized, including students with special needs and those in the smaller, rural school districts without a school foundation of their own.

Our Focus Districts Include:

Blachly, Crow-Applegate-Lorane, Fern Ridge, Lowell, Mapleton, Marcola, Oakridge, and Siuslaw

We are also partnered with the Lane Education Service District, which provides LEF with staffing and technical support.

More than 8,000 students attend Lane County's medium, small, or rural school districts. More than 2,500 students in Lane County are supported by the many programs coordinated through the Lane Education Service District – programs including Migrant Education, McKinney-Vento (identifying and supporting homeless youth), the MLK Jr. Education Center (for incarcerated and adjudicated students), and the Life Skills classes throughout the county (serving our most severely disabled students).

The Lane Education Foundation is dedicated to coordinating community fundraising in support of helping all Lane County students reach their greatest potential.

Our Board

The Lane Education Foundation Board is comprised of concerned community leaders who believe in the success of all Lane County students. We are an all-volunteer board always looking for new members who would like to make connections in our community to further the organization’s mission. If you interested in serving, please contact us at info@laneeducationfoundation.org.

Lane Education Foundation Board of Directors