Why the Lane Education Foundation?

Lane County is composed of 16 school districts, half of which do not have the infrastructure to have their own education foundations to help fill the gaps left by state funding. The Lane Education Foundation (LEF) provides an easy way for community members to support the students and classrooms in these smaller, rural school districts.

Our Member Districts: Blachly, Crow-Applegate-Lorane, Fern Ridge, Lowell, Mapleton, Marcola, Oakridge, Siuslaw, and the Lane Education Service District

There are also students throughout Lane County who seem to always get placed at the back of the line when it comes to receiving a fair chance to succeed. These students require extra attention – students with physical or cognitive disabilities, students whose families are homeless, or students who have gotten into trouble with the law. The LEF believes these students deserve every opportunity to become the best and brightest in Oregon.

Your donation to the Lane Education Foundation can help ensure that all students in Lane County have an equal chance to succeed.

Donate now to support our member districts and essential programs.

Your generous gift invests directly into:

You can also specify how you would like your donation to be used. Your donations will create grants that support our smaller districts and some of our most marginalized students.

Current Fund Raising Campaign

Lane Education Foundation is currently seeking donations for our Classroom Innovation Grants. These funds will be made available to teachers to provide necessary supplies into the classroom. These grants are made available only to schools and/or classrooms within the LEF member districts.